InCampus - Your Partner in Technology


InCampus is a IT solution company dedicated to helping our clients make use of the latest technology for the needs of the organization.

We work with universities, research institutes and companies all over the world to bring you the latest and newest technology for our clients to deploy. We provide total and integrated solutions to improve efficiency and enhance capabilities.

Our firm belief in keeping with the ever changing and improving technology leads us to bring in the best products from all over the world. We actively research on and seek out the latest products.

Through the use of our products and services, we enhance the communication and work efficiency between organizations and people.

Our Technologies

The primary strength of InCampus is in the leveraging the latest technologies for your use.

We specialize in the areas of internet technologies, online learning, speech and language processing, data mining, artificial intelligence, social network analysis, time sequence predictions, content-based search of multimedia data, speech to text and text to speech conversion, voice conversion, speaker identification, handwriting, face and human recognition, location-based services, in-building and outdoor precision tracking, route optimization, pervasive computing and etc.